The new Order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic has settled more simplified customs procedures


On 21stMay 2016 The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed Order on using the Rules of “Green Corridor” and other release systems for conveyance of the goods and means of transport across the customs border. Nowadays, simplified custom procedures are one of the most important trade facilitation measures in the customs modernization process. In order to use simplified rules for goods conveyed across the customs border four corridor - “Green corridor”,“Blue corridor”, “Yellow corridor” and  “Red corridor”release systems are applied at crossing points. One-stop shop system will receive information about goods and define to what corridor certain product relates to. The aim of these procedures is to develop the customs statistics of foreign trade in accordance with international practices and standards, to guarantee its veracity and efficiency, as well as to reduce the contact to a minimum between officials and citizens.

The custom system in Azerbaijan serves as a shield in the way of entrepreneurs during import and export of goods to and from the country, which has played an important role in the development of the country. That’s why modernizing the customs service and providing more favorable conditions for business and international trade is inevitable part of state policy. Indeed, the expanding responsibilities and challenges faced by modern customs require a more sophisticated approach. As a result, simplified procedures stipulated by the Order would have significant short-term positive effects on imports. It will also help to increase the quantity of imports and average unit prices, as well as number of shipments. It should be also noted that simplified customs rules by applying different corridors is implemented in many developing countries of the world. For example, customs operate blue, green, red corridorsin the Republic of Ireland, UK, Finland, and so on.


It is necessary to highlight differences between various corridors. “Green corridor” constitutes immediate release of goods without examination based on the customs control and the risk assessment conducted in accordance to the short import declaration which is submitted in electronic form in advance.“Blue corridor” constitutes examination at a later stage. Thus, at this stage, goods and transport passed through border crossing points are controlled after entering custom zone. When it comes to “Yellow corridor”, list of the documents belonging to the goods and means of transport conveyed across the customs border check points required for the implementation of customs control, including documents for veterinary, phytosanitary and sanitary control purposes, as well as of documents established by international conventions and agreements to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party.


“The red corridor” means mandatory physical examination of goods and documents. Therefore, custom authorities implement controls physically over goods and means of transport in according to the custom control and the risk assessment based on the short import declaration.

Finally, we believe that customs reforms that conducted recently would be solution for many problems in this area.




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