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Workshop for employees of Small and Medium Businesses Development Agency


On January 07, 2019, BHM Baku Law Centre organized the workshop for the employees of Small and Medium Businesses Development Agency (SMB Agency) on methods and tools supporting small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs). The workshop was delivered by Prof. Patricia H. Lee.

The workshop was opened by a welcome speech of BHM partner Mr. Matin Asgar. He introduced Prof. Lee and informed that the purpose of having the workshop with SMB Agency is to support legislative and institutional reforms on micro, small and medium businesses on the agenda of the country.

Prof. Lee outlined the variety of strategic, incorporation, transactional, intellectual property matters on SME development and shared her experience on supporting SMEs through a variety of institutions.

Prof. Lee is visiting on an invitation by Mr. Matin Asgar under Alumni MAX Speaker Program. The program is administered by the U.S. educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association and supported by the US Embassy.